Offline with AutoSync

Never lose a PCR to a bad connection again. CloudPCR works offline & automatically syncs to the central database when online.

  • Chart from anywhere
  • Check-out system manages version control
  • The apps is in your browser, so you never lose performance


Our visual editor allows you to make changes to the software without knowing any code.

  • Create specific PCR's for specific destinations
  • Show or hide fields with a click of a mouse in edit mode
  • Create multiple nicknames for legally required information to add needed context while still staying compliant
  • Hide unnecessary fields
  • Easily add new choices in a dropdown

Use on any Device

The same piece of software works on any device, so you don't have to learn different versions. It also has a responsive design, so it's just as easy to use on a phone as it is a laptop.

Works on:

  • Apple Laptops
  • Windows Laptops
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Chromebooks


Our extensive feature set makes us the best PCR on the market.

Fully Customizable

Change options, hide fields, or require any field.

Military Grade Security

HIPAA & HITECH compliant.

Smart location

Google maps integration, brings in nearby addresses for auto-completion.

Offline with AutoSync

Works offline when you have no internet.

Truly Cross-Platform

Works on any device (IOS, Android, PC, Mac).

Camera Enabled

Add pictures that would improve the quality of the report.

Dynamic Reporting

In real-time, dynamically filter, search, sort, and group trip data.

In-App Help Chat

Get instant responses to your most urgent issues.

Effortless Navigation

Everything is on one page, so you don’t get lost or lose data to pagination.

Auto calculation

The PCR calculates what can be calculated, and hides what’s not necessary.


Replace tedious dropdowns with google like searching for things like medications and procedures.

Time Sync

Equipped with IntelliSearch technology to find and fill out information as you type.

Adaptive Form

CloudPCR adapts to your charting and only ask the questions that are relevant to your agency.

Intelligent Design

Equipped with intelligent technology that searches the data as you type and corrects your information.

Smart Reporting

Smart reporting dashboard allows you to sort, meet and group data in real-time so you can access the analytics you need, exactly when you need it.

Visual Editor

Customize your PCR, no code required.

Visual Reports

Easy to digest charts and graphs allow you to see your data.

Narrative Builder

Use existing or create new text templates that autofill PCR data.

Enterprise Workflows

Automatically run approvals, notifications, faxes, etc.

Smart Validation

See validation in real time or navigate to errors from the global menu.


Military grade cloud services replace the need for costly servers.

Nemsis V3

Be compliant with Nemsis V3.

Fast Installation

Our PCR installs in less than a minute.


View, analyze, and approve PCRs.

Grid Reporting

Choose what data you want to see and where it shows.

Billing Integration

Make it easy to get paid by integrating with billing.

Hospital Data Access

Provide doctors with the data they need.

We Make it Easy

Our software is so easy to learn that we have had many small organizations go live over the weekend


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A: Yes. CloudPCR works seamlessly online AND offline.

If your device is offline CloudPCR will save locally to your browser, and the next time your device regains internet connectivity, your ePCRs will be uploaded automatically in the background.

A: Yes. CloudPCR is cloud based so by default you can access the application from any device anywhere at anytime. In addition, CloudPCR offers an optional security layer where the system administrator has the ability to lockdown the usage to only agency approved devices.

A: Yes. CloudPCR is HIPAA/HITECH compliant. Security is always a top priority, all data transmission is encrypted using state of the art security practices. CloudPCR is based on the same Azure cloud technology as the U.S. military cloud system.

A: Yes. The CloudPCR system is engineered from the ground up to never lose or delete any data, the PCR is always versioned or possibly disabled, but the patient report data is always retrievable and never deleted from the database.

A: Yes. CloudPCR logs everything from creation and editing of patient data to actions by users like viewing and printing. These logs can be viewed and managed by admins and exported into excel if necessary.


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