CloudPCR works without internet

Offline with AutoSync

Never lose a PCR to a bad connection again. CloudPCR works offline & automatically syncs to the central database when online.

  • Start a chart with or without internet
  • Chart from anywhere, even in remote rural areas
  • Works on any device
Cloud PCR works on any device

Customizable Form

Our easy form editor allows you to modify the ePCR form without knowing any code.

  • Hide unnecessary fields on the PCR
  • Add or remove the dropdown options
  • Change which fields are required
  • Set field value defaults in the PCR
  • All of the above customizations can be done with clicks of the mouse
  • All of the above can be based on patient outcome, example: transported vs cancelled calls

Use on any Device

The same full-use CloudPCR app works on any device, so you don't have to learn different versions of our software for different device types.

Works on:

  • PCs/Toughbooks
  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • Android Tablets
  • Android Phones
  • Chromebooks

26min Video Demo


Browse the features that makes us the best ePCR on the market.

Ease of Use

So easy, your grandma could use it. Learn More

Opioid Alert

Alert your Medical Director when Opioids are administered.

Customizable Form

Use our easy form editor to customize our ePCR form for your agency. Learn More

HIPAA Compliant Security

Military grade cloud service that provides data security and encryption for your reports. Learn More

Smart Location

Save time by quickly selecting your destination. Learn More

Advanced QA/QI

View, analyze, and approve PCRs. Learn More

Works on Any Device

Chart on any phone, tablet, or PC. Learn More

Patient Lookup

Search for your agencies' previous patients by entering their name, date of birth, or
social security number. Learn More

Visual Reports

See graphs and charts to understand your
run report data. Learn More

Auto Load Mileage

Using google maps, we automatically calculate load mileage based on the scene and
destination address. Learn More

Auto Calculation

Our ePCR calculates what can be calculated, saving time and creating accurate run reports. Learn More


Replace horribly long dropdowns with 'google like' search when selecting an drop-down option. (example: Medications and Procedures) Learn More

Time Sync

One-touch time reporting. Learn More

Intelligent Design

Equipped with intelligent technology that searches the data as you type and corrects your information. Learn More

Narrative Builder

Easily compile your text narratives based on custom templates and information already in your
run report. Learn More

Enterprise Workflows

Automatically run approvals, QA, billing, notifications, faxes, etc. Learn More

Smart Validation

See validations in real time and navigate to the page & field by clicking on the validation message. Learn More

Cloud Database

Never worry about purchasing a server. Learn More


We are fully compliant with the latest
NEMSIS requirements. Learn More

State Reporting

Seamless no-hassle state reporting, immediately transmits approved trips to your state bridge with no extra work. Learn More

Offline with Auto Sync

Work offline when you have no internet, sync up when your back on-line. Learn More

Billing Integration

Easily share your PCR's with your billing company. Learn More

Hospital Data Access

Give hospitals access to the data they need,
when they need it. Learn More

Camera Enabled

Add context to your run reports with pictures taken from your device. Learn More


Allow users to save signatures to their account so they can sign documents easily, or have them sign using any touch screen device. Learn More

Digitized Paper Forms

Upload forms that your agency frequently uses so that they are all stored and filled out in the
same place. Learn More

PCR History

See previous versions of a patient record. Learn More

Report Notes

Communicate securely with people in
your organization. Learn More


Turn your spoken words into text. Learn More

Help AI

Our AI help engine shows you video's and articles for the page your on.Learn More

Fast Deploying

Get set up and start using CloudPCR in a matter
of hours.Learn More

12-Lead Integration

Import your 12-Lead data into your patient care report.Learn More

Basic Dispatch

Assign new calls to your crews. Learn More

Document Attachments

Attach any files or photos to your reports. Learn More


Keep from loosing data with our automatic
saving feature. Learn More

24/7 In-App Help

Get instant responses to your most urgent issues.Learn More

CAD Integration

Make dispatching simpler by integrating your CAD system with our PCR software so that certain fields are filled out automatically.

We Make it Easy

Our software is so easy to learn that we have had many small organizations go live on a single day.


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Be Awesome

Start using the ePCR, save time, chart patient data better, and begin spending time on things other than paperwork.

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A: Yes. CloudPCR works seamlessly online AND offline.

If your device is offline CloudPCR will save locally to your browser, and the next time your device regains internet connectivity, your ePCRs will be uploaded automatically in the background.

A: Yes. CloudPCR is cloud based so by default you can access the application from any device anywhere at anytime. In addition, CloudPCR offers an optional security layer where the system administrator has the ability to lockdown the usage to only agency approved devices.

A: Yes. CloudPCR is HIPAA/HITECH compliant. Security is always a top priority, all data transmission is encrypted using state of the art security practices. CloudPCR is based on the same Azure cloud technology as the U.S. military cloud system.

A: Yes. The CloudPCR system is engineered from the ground up to never lose or delete any data, the PCR is always versioned or possibly disabled, but the patient report data is always retrievable and never deleted from the database.

A: Yes. CloudPCR logs everything from creation and editing of patient data to actions by users like viewing and printing. These logs can be viewed and managed by admins and exported into excel if necessary.

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